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At Noah’s, we have time for you!

Rewards for Referrals

If you send a friend to us, we want to reward you. Be sure to tell your friends to mention your name. We have a rewards schedule.

First referral ...
Second referral ...
Third referral ...
Fourth referral  ...
More than four ...

coupon for $2 at Noah’s
free bath at Noah’s
gift card for human treats
gift box
dinner on us

Health Club Offerings

At a loss for a way to get out of the house during the winter? We suggest a free visit to Noah’s with others who love pets and a chance to learn. Our winter schedule of events for 45 minute learning opportunities includes:

Feb 7 – dental health
March 14 – pets to people diseases and parasites
April 18 – eating healthy foods and exercise
May 2 – arthritis
June 20 – itchy skin and ears

Please come and bring your friends on the above days at 1 p.m.

Dental Health awareness news: We have special rates for treatments in January and February. Schedule your time now. We also have a vaccination to prevent periodontal disease.  T/D food (a prescription diet) for dogs and cats  helps prevent tartar buildup.

We are starting to organize free club activities for your pets at Noah’s. They would involve socialization, healthy treats, and activities. If you are interested, please let us know by phone or email. Check our website,, for updates.

Most heartworm preventives include protection against roundworms and hookworms which can cause permanent organ damage in people. For this reason, the Center for Disease Control advises that dogs and cats receive heartworm prevention every month of the year.


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