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Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, a tick born disease, has appeared in Elkhart County. Ticks are prevalent in our area, and we are seeing larger numbers and different species than in the past. We expect to see more tick related illnesses as the territories of ticks change and humans continue to change rural areas into urban settings. Ticks are icky and the diseases they carry are serious, but we have good news.

Noah’s can help clear up any myths, questions or concerns you have about ticks and your pets. We have effective products available that can help reduce: your pet’s risk for these parasites, the chances of ticks hitching a ride into your house, and the diseases ticks carry. Our canine heartworm tests also test for three tick borne diseases. Remember, your pet’s exposure risk includes not only your yard, but anywhere you may travel with or walk your pet.

To remove ticks safely, use tweezers to grasp the head where it enters the skin. Pull out straight and slowly, being careful to not squeeze the body of the tick or leave the head. Once the tick is removed, you may kill it. Do not attempt to put anything on the tick such as vegetable oil, a match, or other home remedies before removing the tick because this can increase the risk of spreading any diseases they may carry.

If you are concerned about a tick, or don’t want to remove it yourself, our technicians will be happy to do so for you. Be sure to let us know if your pet experiences any illness or skin rashes after a tick exposure. Signs of tick borne diseases are many and varied, including fever, vomiting and diarrhea, lameness, skin rashes and lesions, and blood disorders.

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