Noah's Landing Online Store

We are pleased to announce our new online store platform! You can now receive all your pet's medications and supplies at home, free shipping, have your medications or foods auto shipped to your house, or even order individual doses of your pet's preventives. With its competitive pricing, exclusive instant savings and paw points rewards, it will many times be cheaper than PetMeds. Most importantly, you will know that the medications you receive are legally obtained, safe, and directly from the manufacturer. Check it out!

Why our online store?

Our online pharmacy is a win-win situation for everyone!

Patient - The patient is assured a high-quality, safe medication that is backed by the manufacturer.

Pet Owner - You have peace of mind and spend no more than the Internet pharmacy with the same convenience.

Our Hospital - The small profit from the online pharmacy is kept locally and invested in our hospital so that we can continue to provide the highest quality of technology, medicine, and surgery for your pet. We can also keep the best-qualified staff as we strive to provide exceptional care to you and your pet.

Why is the Noah's Landing online pharmacy an advantage for me?

Price - The staff at Noah's Landing will monitor other sites and work to keep our prices competitive.

Guarantee - Many Internet pharmacies have dubious business practices and some have been fined thousands of dollars. Companies that make the medications will not stand behind a product if it has been purchased from one of these unauthorized pharmacies. Only products purchased from an ethical source like our pharmacy carry a guarantee.

Safety - Any prescription purchase from our hospital or our online pharmacy has been inspected by the FDA, and manufactured and packaged according to U.S. government regulations. These products come through ethical companies that ensure proper handling and temperature control.

What do I need to do in order to make a purchase from the online pharmacy?

In order to process a prescription, the law requires that a veterinarian must have seen your pet within the past year. Depending on the patient's medical condition and prescribed medications, this timeframe may be shorter. To ensure that the correct product is used, we need to have examined the pet recently for the condition for which it is being treated.