COVID Updates November 2020

Our team is working hard! We must take their safety into consideration so that we can stay as open and functional as possible to serve all of you and your pets. Our exam rooms are not of a size that allows for social distancing easily. You may notice some restrictions that you may not see in other businesses because of these concerns.

As of Tuesday, November 11, we have adjusted to the following operations.

For appointments:

  • When you arrive, please stay in your vehicle and call in to the clinic. We will get you checked in and advise you what the next steps will be. Do not enter the building prior to calling in and receiving direction.
  • With some exceptions, we will be returning primarily to curbside service. This means we will come out to you to bring your pet into the clinic, and then deliver them back to you at your car. You are also able to arrange for FaceTime, speaker phone, or Zoom connections to be part of your pet’s appointment virtually. At no time is your pet left unattended during your appointment. It’s also getting cold out there! Curbside appointments will be designed as much as possible to limit our staff time outside or our clients waiting.
  • Please complete the history form that is linked to your appointment reminder or if it is not there yet, it can be found on our website under the resources and forms tabs prior to your appointment. This will allow you to have a quicker appointment.
  • If a longer appointment is expected due to additional testing, in depth problem, or sedation requirements, we will make arrangements for you to admit your pet so you are not waiting in the parking lot.
  • For anyone who may be coming into the building, masks that sufficiently cover the mouth and nose must still be worn at all times while in the building, and social distancing is expected as much as possible. If you do not have a mask, or are not comfortable wearing one as outlined, we will happily care for you with curbside service.
  • For in person appointments, one adult will be allowed in pet appointment. If you have multiple people with you, they will need to stay in your vehicle. If they are children, we will care for you with curbside service so they are not unattended.
  • Euthanasias will be discussed on a case by case basis.
  • If you have any signs of illness, are waiting on a COVID test result, or have been in contact with or work with COVID positive persons, we will care for you with curbside service ( and we will need more PPE ). If you are currently ill or have had a positive COVID test in the last 14 days, please have a well friend or family member bring your pet for you. We can still communicate with you directly at home ( and we will still do PPE ).
  • We are scheduling several weeks out for wellness care at this time, so please do not delay making your appointment when you get your reminders!
  • If it is your first time at Noah’s Landing, please use the new client form on our website in addition to the history form to help save time when you arrive for your appointment.


For appointments that can be done virtually, or if we have a client who cannot bring their pet to us due to Covid quarantine or isolation, telemedicine appointments can be scheduled. If you are unsure if your pet needs to be seen, we can do a triage appointment first. Patients for telemedicine need to have a current exam and valid veterinary – client – patient relationship per Indiana regulations.

For refills, food pickups, or sample drop offs:

  • Please allow additional time (48-72 hrs) to have your refills completed. We are experiencing many random backorders due to supply chain or logistics/shipping issues from our suppliers. You are also welcome to use our convenient home delivery through our website so food or medications can be delivered right to your door!
  • When you arrive, please call in to the office to let us know you are here. We can take your payment over the phone and we will bring everything to you or come out to pick up your pet’s sample.
  • If your pet is taking special prescriptions that need a signature, please have your ID ready when you are here to pick up medications. This is a mandate by our state governing bodies and is required even if you pick up these medications at an outside pharmacy.


  • Our phone lines are wild! Many of you have expressed concern over not being able to call in. Please keep trying. One of the lines will open up soon! If you have a non-emergency question, you can also email us through our website or at These will be answered during regular business hours. We are also adding additional lines to help with some of the phone traffic. It may not say Noah’s Landing on the Caller ID, so if your phone rings while you are waiting for your pet, please go ahead and answer it.
  • Please allow 24-48 hours for most messages to be returned by the doctor. Our team will try to let you know if that particular doctor will be out of the office for a longer period.
  • There is likely not one person left unaffected by the last several months. Stress, worry, frustration, medical issues, tight resources, and just being “over it” has taken its toll on all of us. If you are stressed or worried, just let us know so we can try to help. We know everyone is having tough times. You know we are going to care for your pet like we would want our own pets cared for and are going to do the best we can for you with the resources that we have available. We can get through it together. Now more than ever it is time for all in our community to show our empathy and compassion for each other and treat each other kindly. We are the City With A Heart!
  • If there is a policy or procedure that you do not understand or agree with, we ask that you discuss it with us calmly and with the management. If you decide that you do not want to have your pet cared for following the policies we have in place, we will forward your pet’s records to a clinic of your choosing during this time as well.
  • One of the missions of our hospital is to be a safe space. A space that is free from judgment, threat of harm, verbal harassment, abusive language, or any aggressive behavior. These actions cannot be tolerated and may lead to removal from the premises or refusal of care.

Please understand that we at Noah’s are more than ready for things to get back to normal, too! We miss seeing everyone, and just doing something simple like shaking a hand! It is not possible for us to see as many patients in one day as we used to do. We don’t like not being able to be face to face, even when we are in the same room! But, we have to have our team’s safety and your safety as a primary concern and also must work within the confines of our state’s mandates, health official guidelines, and our physical plant. Hopefully we all can be restrictions free safely soon!

We thank you all for the trust you place in us to care for your pets. Give them all some love from us! Best wishes for a wonderful Fall season, safe holidays, and peace to you all!

The Noah’s Team