COVID News August 20, 2021:

The safety of you as well as our team is always a major priority for us at Noah’s. Due to the rising numbers of COVID-19 cases in our community, we will be resuming our full mask requirement as of August 21, 2021. Our team is mighty but small and already short staffed. We want to be here every day that we can to help care for you and your pets!

We have not had to close the clinic one day due to COVID since the pandemic began. Part of that is because of our great clients being so helpful at following the operations guidelines as well. Let’s keep that teamwork going!

Visiting the clinic:

  • Please call when you arrive to check in and we will get you and your pet inside as soon as possible.
  • We highly encourage you to fill out your history ahead of time via the link in your appointment reminders or on our website, Just click on the patient history form link.
  • All persons above the age of 2 in the building will be required to wear a mask over the mouth and nose.
  • Up to 2 people per appointment may be in person.
  • For situations like euthanasia where more family members may need to be present, we can arrange to be outside, weather permitting.
  • If you have samples to drop off, or meds or food to pick up, you can come inside or you can also keep that curbside if you choose!
  • If there is a reason you are not able to follow these guidelines, we will happily care for you curbside.
  • Social distancing is still required when you are inside the building.

Curbside Care:

This service means that you will stay at your vehicle, and we will do the rest!

Please call upon arrival to let us know you are here and will be curbside. We will call out to you to get your pet’s history (if you haven’t filled it out ahead of time) and go over any questions. We will then escort your pet into the building. We will take care of them every minute.

You have the option to be on a phone call or video chat appointment so you can still “be there” even if you are not there. After we are finished, you can check out over the phone and we will bring your pets back to you ready to go.

We ask that you wear a mask when interacting with our team in person.

Please do not leave the clinic during your pet’s appointment unless arrangements have been made.

Times you will need a curbside appointment:

  • If you have been exposed to someone with COVID or waiting for test results in the last 14 days.
  • If you are experiencing any signs of illness, please have a friend bring your pet and we will keep your appointment curbside.
  • If you have more than two people present.
  • If there is a veterinary medical condition suspected with contagious health risks to other pet patients.
  • If it just works better for you! Some of our clients have chosen curbside moving forward because it’s just better or more convenient for them!

Important Scheduling and Operations Updates

  • Please schedule your pet’s wellness care as soon as you get your reminders. We are already scheduling out several weeks for wellness appointments, so please call as soon as possible to keep your pets up to date and protected!
  • For our patients who are on chronic medications:
    Your pet needs to be seen every 12 months, and sometimes every 6 months, to keep those prescriptions going. Some of these requirements are based on state and licensing laws. Do not wait until the last minute so you don’t have to deal with a break in your pet’s therapy. If you would like to forward book a reminder call a few months before your due date, please let us know!
  • Please allow 24-48 hours for refills and for doctors to return phone calls. We can also use email if that is better for you.
  • We are still working hard to make 4 doctors’ worth of patients fit into the hands of 3 doctors. Please be patient with us and know that we will try every way possible to help. Sometimes the best way is to get them somewhere that they can be helped sooner.
  • We are still limiting our new patients to:
    • existing clients adding new pets, including pocket pets and reptiles,
    • new clients with new puppies and kittens 6 months and younger.

    We are also accepting referrals for specific services from our veterinary colleagues as well. We are looking forward to when we can open this up fully again. We will keep everyone updated!

  • Virtual appointments are also available for certain conditions or follow ups. Feel free to ask if this option might be right for you.
  • No-show appointments are extremely detrimental. Not arriving at your appointment can delay the care of your own pet and takes away a spot that we could be using to help someone else. Due to the increased number of no-show appointments we have been experiencing, there will now be an appointment deposit equal to the exam fee for clients who have had more than 2 no-shows in 12 months and for brand new clients. This will go towards the cost of the visit and is not in addition to it. However, the deposit is non-refundable and may be forfeited if there is a no-show or cancellation with less than 24 hr notice. We know life happens sometimes. If something comes up, please call us as soon as possible so we can help you.
  • All our cleaning protocols and social distancing requirements will still be in place.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding and cooperation in helping to keep people safe. We look forward to seeing you again soon and serving you and your pets!

The Noah’s Landing Team