A Legacy of Excellence

Compassionate and quality care for cats and dogs.


Compassionate Care

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Every pet and their family deserve to have an enjoyable life together. We will welcome and celebrate your new arrival, help guide your pet through adolescence and adulthood, and offer comprehensive senior care and comfort care. We also help guide and counsel end of life care.

To help achieve this, we adhere to a few simple principles:

We are relationship advocates. Every pet deserves our best recommendation and every client deserves to be well informed, have all their questions answered, and be active in the care decisions for their pet.

We are partners in the healthcare of your pet. We are a resource for you even if you are not in the exam room. Contact us. We really mean it. We love having dialogue with our clients!

We will treat all our patients and clients with respect, dignity, and compassion.

We are committed to the welfare of all animals.


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Every pet deserves a long, happy, comfortable life. The goal of wellness care is to prevent the preventable, and find anything else early so you can intervene early. Regular exams and preventive care  are critical!

Keeping your pet healthy also helps keep the humans healthy. There is a whole group of diseases, called zoonotic diseases, which can be spread from animals to people. Some can be annoying, like the fungal infection, ringworm. Some can be life threatening, like leptospirosis.

In order to maximize your pet’s health, we will ask about your pet’s individualized history, lifestyle, and risk factors. We will then discuss the best recommendations for your pet’s specific needs for vaccines, parasite preventive, and early detection screening.

If you would like to have an easy way to budget for your pet’s wellness care, we have wellness programs available for each stage of your pet’s life. These programs offer peace of mind and savings to you, as well as best care recommendations for your pet. You can choose to make six monthly payments for your pet’s twelve months of care, or pay the program up front and get additional savings!

Super Seniors

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You and your senior pet have likely shared years of life and joy together. We want to help make your pet’s senior years as comfortable and happy as possible!

Age is not a disease but can be accompanied by them. Chronic pain, liver or kidney disease, dementia, and other health problems can lead to poor quality of life. The symptoms may not be readily apparent, so these diseases may go undetected and untreated. A full physical exam is needed every six months, with appropriate screening tests at least once yearly. Early detection of disease results in faster, many times less intensive and expensive treatment, and a much happier pet!

But he seems fine! We certainly hope his insides think so, too. There is a large reserve capacity in our pets’ internal organs. Did you know that kidneys need to lose about 90% of their function before a pet shows signs of illness? Early detection screening and therapy can start solving a problem before your pet suffers and hurts. Signs of “old age” in your pet may be symptoms of more serious problems. Please let us know if you senior pet experiences any of the following:
“Slowing down”

Stiffness or limping

Difficulty climbing stairs or jumping

Difficulty breathing or changes in breathing patterns

Tremors or Shaking

Excessive scratching or changes in skin and coat

Changes in appetite or breath

Weight changes (loss or gain)

Difficulty seeing or hearing

Changes in urination/defecation habits

Confusion or disorientation


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Did you know that dental disease is one of the most common health problems in dogs and cats? Besides having that “doggie breath”, dental disease can cause permanent, painful damage and bone loss in the mouth. Do you know what the leading presenting symptom of dental disease is? Nothing! Pets instinctually don’t show signs of chronic pain or discomfort in the mouth.

Typically we see the effects of treating dental disease afterwards as the weight of chronic inflammation and infection is lifted. Owners often report their pets are more active, more playful, and in general, more vibrant. Because the mouth is connected the rest of the body, all that chronic inflammation and infection can lead to other health problems elsewhere in the body. Fortunately, with a balance of good dental home care and professional periodontal therapy when needed, you can keep your pet’s mouth healthy and pain free.

Surgery and Anesthesia

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We offer a wide range of surgical services to help your pet. Spay/neuter procedures help prevent overpopulation and reduce the risk of certain diseases for your pet. Soft tissue procedures help treat problems such as removal of an intestinal foreign body, bladder stones, or a tumor. Orthopedic surgeries concentrate on the bones and joints. These may include repair of a fractured bone or torn ligaments.

Are you concerned about anesthesia? It is common to be a little nervous about an upcoming procedure. While any anesthetic event carries some small risk, we take anesthesia very seriously and treat your pets as if they were our own while they are in our care. We take several steps to help your pet have as safe and comfortable an experience as possible. Along with a full physical exam, pre-anesthetic blood testing helps look for hidden problems, such as liver or kidney disease, or anemia.

Some patients need chest x-rays or ECG if there are concerns about a heart murmur or other conditions. IV fluids are used to maintain hydration and blood pressure. Preemptive pain control helps your pet get a head start on any surgical pain and allows us to use smaller amounts of anesthesia. During the procedure, every precaution is taken by using state of the art monitoring equipment in addition to hands on monitoring. Each pet has a dedicated, highly trained team assigned to monitor and care for them from the time they arrive at the hospital until they are awake and ready to go home again.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us questions about your pet’s procedure or care. After all, we are all on the same team, working to care for your pet!

Internal Medicine

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Noah’s offers a wide range of internal medicine, diagnostic, and therapeutic services for your pet. We see a wide range of ailments, including endocrine diseases like diabetes, skin and allergy problems, eye diseases, and other problems with internal organs, like kidney, intestinal, or liver diseases. We also manage and treat certain cancer cases. In addition to an in-house laboratory, video otoscopy, x-ray, and ultrasound, we have specialist level resources available within easy distance for more advanced cases. We also have facilities for hospitalization and quarantine requirements if needed. Our patient care team is dedicated to making sure your pet is comfortable, well taken care of, and getting proper treatment. If your pet requires hourly round the clock care, regional 24 hour clinics are available for after-hours monitoring.


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Sometimes the doctor's hands and stethoscope can only tell so much about our furry friends. In order to further supplement the physical exam, different imaging services including radiology (x-ray), ultrasound, and dental x-ray are needed for certain problems.

X-rays give us information about the inside of the body that we may not be able to ascertain from the physical examination alone. Fractured bones, foreign bodies, kidney stones, tumors, and heart problems are all examples of diseases and problems that x-ray can help diagnose. We also use them to monitor the progress of healing in certain disease such as fractured bones.

Ultrasound allows us moving, real time images of the inside of the body. This can be helpful in diagnosing heart disease, bladder problems, and can give us an inside view of the tissue of organs such as the kidney or liver, something that x-rays cannot do. We don't only use ultrasound to look for disease, however. It is also a great tool to determine pregnancy and assess the health of unborn puppies and kitties!


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Noah’s offers boarding services for cats and dogs with veterinary care just a step away. All of our dog runs are indoors and climate controlled, with numerous opportunities for individual walks with our ward attendants outdoors. We also offer bathing and nail trim services at your request. While you are away, rest easy that your pet is being well cared for!

Chronic Pain & Joint Therapy

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Many of us know the wearying, painful battle of dealing with a chronic pain. Maybe an old knee injury, a bad back, or something more severe, can keep us up at night, make normal tasks seem monumental, or just bring us down like a weight. Now imagine if someone said to us, “It’s not a big deal, you are just getting older. You’re just slowing down.”

Dogs and cats don’t get calendars, but they do get arthritis. Over one in four senior dogs and four out of five senior cats show x-ray signs of arthritis. None of us want our pets to be in pain. It’s the number one concern when discussing quality of life with pet owners. The problem is, as pet owners, we don’t always know it is lurking. Our pets don’t get to tell us when they hurt. They are instinctually hardwired to not show signs of pain. At Noah’s, we are trained to look for the clues.

These could be changes in activity, behaviors, or physical changes, like gait or muscle loss and incoordination.

Our team takes pain control seriously. We use a multimodal approach not only for acute pain associated with surgery or injuries, but also chronic pain. We will customize a pain therapy approach for your pet to tackle it from as many different directions as possible. We may use different modalities, such as anti-inflammatories and other pain control measures, weight management, cartilage support, and non-medication approaches like physical therapy, laser therapy, and regenerative medicine.

Our purpose statement says we are here to strengthen the human animal bond. What better way than to help you keep your pet as comfortable and happy as possible!