Let your pet have some quiet time after their visit, especially our feline friends. After all the excitement of a field trip day to the clinic, they may need some time to relax. Kitties especially need a moment to themselves if they live in a multiple cat household. Coming back home with a myriad of [...]

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For your pets, we may use treats, offer hiding places, or use mats on the floor for better footing for achy joints. Some cats prefer the cat tree in our cat room, some prefer to bat toys around. Some pets do better in the exam room, some do better away from their owners. We are [...]

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Helping pets be more comfortable with the car ride or the carrier is a huge step in having a fear free visit. Please see the excellent resources in our helpful links for more details to help your pet. Sometimes pets need a little extra help if they have been afraid before. Using anti-anxiety medications prior [...]

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