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Emotional health matters

We spend a lot of time at Noah’s caring for physical health, but your pet’s emotional health is just as important! Our pets are a social species and fear and anxiety are harmful. These emotions cause permanent changes in the brain and can lead to worsening feelings of fear and anxiety in the future. We all, as pet owners and as health professionals, are engaging in behavior development every minute of every day, for better or for worse, whether we know it or not.

Why reduce stress and fear? It’s a win-win-win!

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    Besides protecting their emotional health, they get better care. A happy, relaxed pet is easier to bring in for proper care and is easier to examine. Since stress suppresses the immune system, pets that are not fearful or anxious also heal better.

    For your pet
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    You want to give your pet the best care possible. If it is less stressful for you and your pet, you not only will be able to provide the healthiest life possible, you get to feel the joy of your pet having a positive experience. It is more fun for you, too! Pets feed off of our emotional state. If we as humans are less stressed, then our pets will be, too.

    For you
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    We want to provide the best physical and emotional healthcare possible. When using low stress handling techniques, we get more accurate exam results instead of nervous or stressed parameters. We are also safer, as relaxed, less fearful pets are easier to handle than nervous, fearful pets. We also get to have more fun! It makes our jobs more rewarding to sit on the floor and visit with our patients, and have them happy to be there.

    Emotional care is an important part of your pet’s visit, and it starts before they even walk through the door.

    For Us

 How to reduce stress?

There are many ways we try to make our patients more comfortable. The biggest goal is to offer individualized care. What works for some pets doesn’t work for others. Low stress handling is also used in each aspect of the visit. From getting into an exam room as soon as possible to prevent intermingling in the lobby, to how we schedule and which areas of the hospital we use, even logistics can play a role in low stress handling.

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When to reduce stress? Low stress handling and making an enjoyable visit start before you even walk through the clinic door!

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    Helping pets be more comfortable with the car ride or the carrier is a huge step in having a fear free visit. Please see the excellent resources in our helpful links for more details to help your pet. Sometimes pets need a little extra help if they have been afraid before. Using anti-anxiety medications prior to a pet’s appointment can greatly increase their comfort level. Goodwill visits are a great way to give them positive experiences at the clinic, and they are free!

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    For your pets, we may use treats, offer hiding places, or use mats on the floor for better footing for achy joints. Some cats prefer the cat tree in our cat room, some prefer to bat toys around. Some pets do better in the exam room, some do better away from their owners. We are trained to look for signs of anxiety and fear, and will work hard to find what will work best for each pet.

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    Let your pet have some quiet time after their visit, especially our feline friends. After all the excitement of a field trip day to the clinic, they may need some time to relax. Kitties especially need a moment to themselves if they live in a multiple cat household. Coming back home with a myriad of smells on them can take some getting used to for the rest of the bunch. Don’t forget to reward yourself for being such a great pet caregiver!

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The Reward

We love seeing our patients happy and ready to enjoy their visit to us. Few things are as rewarding as emotional care in our patients. Seeing a pet that used to be petrified able to complete their exam and care reaffirms how important emotional care is to our pets. Rewarding pets who already enjoy coming into the clinic renews our commitment to low stress handling. Being part of early puppy and kitten socialization, building that foundation of positive experiences makes the future brighter for us all, and is just plain fun!